Invisalign Treats Overcrowding

ES_Invisalign San Jose

Happy Smiles

Happy Smiles

“Getting Invisalign is the greatest decision I’ve made.Yes, it’s expensive but is all worth it. Now I can smile with confidence and I am getting lot of praise that i have an amazing smile. Thanks to Dr Pannu’s office. Job well done!!! BRAVO.” ES San Jose.

Extreme Smile Makeover

This patient had large spaces in the front teeth [Pathologic migration of teeth due to moderate periodontitis] Osseous Surgery and bone grafting was done by our staff Periodontist- Dr. Obiechina, followed by cosmetic treatment by Dr.Pannu.





“Dr.Pannu is a wonderful dentist who always gives personal care to his patients. He changed my awful smile into a pleasant one that suits my personality.” TS, San Jose.

Upper Occlusal Clincheck SS SJ PT

Invisalign Treatment SN of Fremont

INVISALIGN corrects spacing(DIASTEMA) C Fremont

Spacing(Diastema) treated with Invisalign CH of Fremont

SM Invisalign Treatment

Overjet corrected with INVISALIGN


Invisalign Works! Check this out!!!

Are Invisaligners sharp on the gums?

Frequently Asked Question for the Day:
“I am concerned about the pain of the aligners. Are they sharp on the gums? I had braces in my teens , I am now 39 and my teeth have shifted. Will they work for me at my age and how loose will my teeth feel when I take them out to eat or drink. I feel weird about that . Any input would be appreciated. ” – From Ms. M
Dr. Pannu:
“Invisalign aligners have minimal contact to the gums so you shouldn’t experience any gum irritation. Dental hygienists are keen on recommending this product. Your case belongs to the typical age group for Invisalign treatment. It’s never late to get started on Invisalign, as long as the periodontal (jaw bone) health allows. You may experience a little pulling pressure whenever you attempt to remove them. Overall feel should improve after two or three days. Click here more information and actual patient shots”

Moderate Crowding treated by Invisalign

MK was very nervous before starting Invisalign. Before visiting our office, she was advised that Invisalign can’t treat this severity of crowding. She was recommended Invisalign at Pannu Dental Care. Here is the stunning result, one tooth in the lower arch was extracted as can be seen in the following video clincheck. Also the silver amalgam (mercury) fillings were changed to white resin(composite) fillings.

Invisalign combined with Restorative dentistry can do miracles

RD lost a permanent front tooth in early childhood, and the adjacent teeth shifted towards the empty space of the missing tooth. The empty space was not enough to add a adequate size tooth. RD didn’t want to do metal braces in his school years. Invisalign was recommened by Invisalign Elite dentist Dalvir Pannu, and here is the remarkable result. The space was regained in exact proportions with help of Invisalign. The new smile displays aesthetic midline, that seemed impossible when the patient was initially seen in our office .

Anterior Crossbite corrected with Invisalign

PV, Fremont chose Invisalign to correct the crooked teeth. And here is the wonderful result achieved in 18 months. He treatment was done by Invisalign Elite dentist Dalvir Pannu DDS at our Fremont office.

Awesome results of Invisalign treatment

Yes, This was done by Invisalign Elite provider Dalvir Pannu DDS at San Jose office.

HS is all set for wedding in India with a dashing smile…

It took less than a year to align the front teeth. Thanks to Invisalign, HS got a picture perfect smile for his wedding this winter. Though the treatment is not complete yet, but you can see tremendous improvement for the cuspid position. And with the removable  option of Invisalign, the orthodontic treatment doesn’t cause any worries during (and after) the wedding. HS is a wonferful patient in the Cupertino facility of Pannu Dental Care.

Invisalign does wonders again

Million Dollar Smile of a Gorgeous Persian Model.

Can't stop to smile now!

Can't stop smiling now!

Aligned cuspid leaves girl in smiles

Have a tooth out of place? Why don’t you try the Invisalign treatment at Pannu Dental Care as this patient did. She tried the painless procedure and couldn’t be happier. Now she really has something to smile about! Watch the video for a demonstration.

Wow, Can you believe this?

“Dr. Pannu is a world class dentist. He is absolutely great and at the top of his game. He made a huge difference for me” Hari.A

Extreme smile makeover

For crooked or crowded teeth the healthiest alternative is Invisalign, a painless procedure which will boost your self confidence and bring radiance to your smile. So if you have been feeling awkward because of your crooked teeth or have been embarrassed by your smile, now is the perfect time to visit your nearest Pannu Dental Care office located in San Jose, Fremont and Cupertino.

Doctor Pannu’s dental practice is run very well. The employes are kind and they know what they are doing. The service is amazing. This is a great dental practice. Great dentist when it comes to Invisalign. My Invisalign treatment went smoothly, GS Union City.

Invisalign resolved the moderate crowding

Having a set of crowded and crooked teeth can be very uncomfortable and awkward for a person. Especially so for this young lady who wanted to get a new look smile to her face. So with a few visits to Dr Pannu’s office she was satisfied with the outcome of the Invisalign treatment given to her by the very efficient staff at Pannu Dental’s San Jose office.

Filling in the Gaps

This patient had a  considerable gap in her anterior (upper) teeth. This was corrected by a simple Invisalign treatment. The above video shows simulated clincheck movements of her own teeth. Check out the accuracy of result with the predetermined computerized simulation.

Invisalign fixed this- Check out the Clincheck Video of this case

Invisalign is the invisible new way to straighten your teeth without traditional braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth, without metal or wires.

Even such moderate cases of crooked teeth can be treated with plastic aligners called Invisalign. Ms. NW visited our office with a strong desire to fix her smile without metal braces. With her new smile-makeover with Invisalign, she can’t help but keep smiling now.

Invisalign Close the spaces

Invisalign SmileMakeover for a San Jose student


 “Before I was always afraid to show people my teeth until I started my treatment with Dr. Pannu. Even though I’m not yet finished with my treatment I can already notice a huge difference. I am now able to smile like never before. Dr. Pannu will continue to work on the minor adjustments and soon my smile will be perfect! Thank you Dr. Pannu for all your hard work.” AS, San Jose


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